Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gong Xi, Gong Hei & Khiong Hee

Sweet and savory Yee Sang

The world's climate is changing. It was pouring cats and dogs on the first day of chinese new year. I remember the weather used to be super hot during cny when I was young. Perhaps it's the year of Water Dragon?

Life was much simpler then and cny was much livelier with grandparents and their traditions around. I remember on the 6th day of cny, my mom would buy various types of fruits as offerings for the prayer that was going to take place at the stroke of midnight on the 8th day of cny. The best part was I'm always in charge of sticking red stickers with gold trimmings on the fruits as decorations. Now that we don't live with grandparents anymore, I missed doing all that!

As for this year, reunion dinner on the eve with in-laws and reunion dinner on the first night with my own family. Dear Hubby is working on cny (you poor baby... no gambling & icy cold beer for you. lol!) but I have my two kids as compensation. A quiet first day of the Water Dragon year but it was not bad at all.

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