Monday, August 16, 2010

The sun, sea and me

Two more days and I'll be flying back to Jakarta. Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying my much needed mini vacation with Dear Hubby in Tioman island. Dear Hubby has gone for his diving early this morning, leaving me some time to blog about my trip so far.

After having a baby and sleepless nights for 2 months, a short getaway really does me good! Not having to breastfeed also means I can do whatever I want. Besides, what is a blue sky vacation without alcohol and occasional ciggies?

I did discovery scuba lesson (since Dear Hubby's really into scuba diving), and it was not that bad after all except that I'm still afraid of those fishes,regardless big or small and those weird, ugly looking sea creatures. Not to mention I swallowed tons of sea water during the process. Nonetheless, I don't mind going for another round of that. We'll be going for snorkeling when he returns from his diving trip later (yay!). For now, I'm going to check out the spa prices. Chao!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brownie love

It's 5.54 a.m. It was a sleepless night. And no, it wasn't because of the baby.

It all started with a harmless bath. I knew Brownie's not fond of me cleaning his ears all along but I would never imagine he would be so defensive, especially with me. Barely 2 years ago, my mom was bitten by Brownie when she tried to clear some leaves at the backyard. Since the leaves are so-called his toys, it got him into very defensive mode and subsequently an attack. Mom suffered serious injuries which required stitches and micro veins surgery. Fortunately for me, I was able to fend off his attacks earlier. I escaped with some long scratches on both my thighs, slightly on the side of my nose and bruises on my left arm.

Brownie has been with me for 8 years now. When people suggested putting him to sleep for good, I couldn't accept it. To me, it's more than just the love I have for my four-legged friend that prevent me from putting him to sleep. I personally blame his aggression on myself. When Brownie was in his early years, he was once abused by the landlord whom I rented room from. I was back at my parents' place during Chinese New Year when it happened. Since they were very much against having a dog back then, I was forced to leave him behind with some food and water for a week. When I went home that night, Brownie was behaving very oddly with some dried blood on his neck and back. He shivers when he sees my landlord. I moved out but it was too late for Brownie as he was too traumatised. It was my fault. From that day on, I never went back to my parents' place. I swore to never leave Brownie.

After yesterday's incident, my family is asking me to reconsider the idea of putting him to sleep. Since I am the only person who's able to control him, I lost the control when he attacked me. As they say, animals are... well, animals and I shouldn't be soft hearted when things have gotten out of hand this far.

At the back of my mind, I know they are right and I'm forced to make a decision that'll make me feel guilty for life. If a child commits crime due to parents negligence, should the parents put the child to sleep when it was clearly their mistakes for not bringing up the child properly? What makes us, human more superior in a way to play God and determine animals lives, whether they should live or die?

And we too, in a way are animals only with much higher intelligence, no?

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Timetable my baby gave me

1200 - Heat up milk
1215 - Feeding time
1235 - Change diaper
1245 - Sleep

0215 - Express milk
0230 - Feeding time
0250 - Change diaper
0300 - Sleep

0415 - Express milk
0430 - Feeding time
0450 - Change diaper
0500 - Sleep

0620 - Express milk
0640 - Feeding time
0700 - Change diaper
0710 - Sleep

0830 - Express milk and store
0845 - Feeding time
0900 - Sleep
1000 - Bathe
1030 - Play

1030 - Heat up milk
1045 - Feeding time
1105 - Sleep
Have breakfast, sterilised milk bottles, take a quick shower and express milk before baby wakes up for her next feeding.

1300 - Feeding time
1325 - Change diaper
1340 - Sleep
Take a nap until the next feeding.

Note: Based on a good day when baby's not cranky.


It was not my intention to neglect the blog. I just couldn't think straight enough to write a decent post these days. 


Thursday, August 5, 2010

The 10 days

In the past 10 days.....

We celebrated Dear Hubby's 40th birthday
We celebrated baby's full moon
I was busy organising a party for Dear Hubby and baby
I discovered a part-time home baker who bakes fantastic chocolate rum & raisins cake
I caught up with friends whom I haven't seen for at least 5 years or more
I bought some post pregnancy clothes (I still can't fit into my pre pregnancy ones)
I planned to get myself a new pair of bikini for the mini vacation with Dear Hubby
I started buying some essential stuff for Jakarta
I bought dozens of massage oil and slimming creams for the urut
I became $2,000 poorer
I lost 2kg, leaving me 11 more to go
I took care of baby at night all by myself ever since the confinement aunty left
I've turned into a walking zombie by day
I went for couple spa with Dear Hubby
I did my manicure and paedicure
I treated myself to a rejuvenating facial

In the next 10 days.....

Baby's turning 2 months old!
I am going for a blue sky vacation
I'm going to try out scuba diving (just for Dear Hubby's sake! I hate swimming with fishes.)
I shall do a semi permanent curls
I'll be following an intensive urut program
I'm targeting to lose another 2kg
I'm going to give my dog a good bath (The last bath was 2 days before my scheduled c-sec. Poor Brownie!)
I need to start packing for Jakarta
I'm going back to Jakarta with Dear Hubby and baby.