Thursday, August 5, 2010

The 10 days

In the past 10 days.....

We celebrated Dear Hubby's 40th birthday
We celebrated baby's full moon
I was busy organising a party for Dear Hubby and baby
I discovered a part-time home baker who bakes fantastic chocolate rum & raisins cake
I caught up with friends whom I haven't seen for at least 5 years or more
I bought some post pregnancy clothes (I still can't fit into my pre pregnancy ones)
I planned to get myself a new pair of bikini for the mini vacation with Dear Hubby
I started buying some essential stuff for Jakarta
I bought dozens of massage oil and slimming creams for the urut
I became $2,000 poorer
I lost 2kg, leaving me 11 more to go
I took care of baby at night all by myself ever since the confinement aunty left
I've turned into a walking zombie by day
I went for couple spa with Dear Hubby
I did my manicure and paedicure
I treated myself to a rejuvenating facial

In the next 10 days.....

Baby's turning 2 months old!
I am going for a blue sky vacation
I'm going to try out scuba diving (just for Dear Hubby's sake! I hate swimming with fishes.)
I shall do a semi permanent curls
I'll be following an intensive urut program
I'm targeting to lose another 2kg
I'm going to give my dog a good bath (The last bath was 2 days before my scheduled c-sec. Poor Brownie!)
I need to start packing for Jakarta
I'm going back to Jakarta with Dear Hubby and baby.

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