Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our dance of love

Before I met you
Life was all about making more money
It was all about having fun
Money, parties, friends
Life starts just before midnight

When I met you
Life was all about us
We were living in our own small world
Vacations, parties and lots of love
Life starts when we get together after work

When I have you in my life
Life was all about both of them
They have your heart
And I have your empty self
"What have I done wrong?" I asked.

When we have our first child
She meant the world to me
But it wasn't the same for you
My life is shaped with 'M'
And yours with 'S'

When we're into our third year
Life is all about money and the kids
You slog hard in foreign lands
I'm hanging on tight to motherhood
Then I asked, "Is this the life I want?"

As we grow old together in future
Life shall be about us again, I hope
Till old shall we groove to the symphony of love
In our hands shall we hold crystal glasses filled with champagne
To celebrate the joy we shared
And reminisce the tears we shed

I love you, Dear Hubby. Happy Valentine's day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revamp of blog design. I need one too for my life.

I managed to squeeze some time out of my rigid schedule (set by my 3 month old son, of course!) to revamp my blog design since I'm no longer staying in Jakarta and I'm no longer pregnant. However, it's such a pity I can't change my blog web address and it still has to remain as talesfromjakarta. Hmm... I should have thought about it before choosing that web address in the first place. But honestly, I was hoping to reside longer in Jakarta. Life was good. Driver, maid, nanny, polite people, spas, hair salons, champagne buffet brunch, high end condo, clubs and best of all, I was at least 700 miles away from his ex. That alone makes my day. In fact, every day. Thus, Dear Hubby, please get another job in Jakarta soon!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Life just ain't the same

The top 10 things that I miss most:

# 10. Chocolates

# 9. Going to the movies

# 8. My work clothes!

# 7. Stilettos (I'm stuck with either flats or slippers for now since high heels and babies doesn't make a good combination)

# 6. Vacations

# 5. Facials

# 4. Spa

# 3. A good body rub

# 2. Private time (a mere 10 min will do!)


# 1. An undisturbed i-can-sleep-as-long-as-i-want kind of beauty sleep!