Thursday, February 9, 2012

Revamp of blog design. I need one too for my life.

I managed to squeeze some time out of my rigid schedule (set by my 3 month old son, of course!) to revamp my blog design since I'm no longer staying in Jakarta and I'm no longer pregnant. However, it's such a pity I can't change my blog web address and it still has to remain as talesfromjakarta. Hmm... I should have thought about it before choosing that web address in the first place. But honestly, I was hoping to reside longer in Jakarta. Life was good. Driver, maid, nanny, polite people, spas, hair salons, champagne buffet brunch, high end condo, clubs and best of all, I was at least 700 miles away from his ex. That alone makes my day. In fact, every day. Thus, Dear Hubby, please get another job in Jakarta soon!

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