Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pesan Antar a.k.a Delivery Order in Jakarta

I've just noticed that everything (well almost) can be ordered either through phone or website in Jakarta, ranging from the most basic necessity, e.g. bottled water (for use with water dispenser that has hot & cold features commonly found in offices around Malaysia), food items to massages & mobile spa. 

Back in Malaysia, only certain companies that are selling the water dispenser also sell the bottled water. And the dispenser rental doesn't comes cheap. In contrary, here in Jakarta, you can find the water dispensers being sold everywhere, even in Carrefour. Any toko-toko (shops) by the roadside sells the bottled water at Rp12,000 each. People says tap water in Indonesia is unsafe for consumption even if it's boiled so bottled water are commonly used for drinking and cooking in every households .

Delivery order for food - they have japanese, western, local indonesian and even north indian food. Even J.CO Donuts and Bread Talk can be delivered to your doorsteps. 

Here're some numbers to dial when you're hungry:
McDonald, Tel: 14045
KFC, Tel: 14022
Pizza Hut, Tel: Go to their website for delivery numbers according to locations.
Hoka Hoka Bento (Japanese fast food), Tel: 500-505
Kinara (North Indian cuisine), Tel: 021-7192677
Solaria (local fast food chain that serve varieties of food), Tel: 14099
J.CO Donuts & Bread Talk, Tel: 7996060
Vin + Arcadia (Wine), Tel: 57901477

Another thing that I really love about Jakarta is home spa! Mobile Spa offers body massage at Rp.100,000 (equivalent to US$11 or RM35) for 2 hours. Other services include manicure & paedicure (Rp.75k each), body & face treatments (Rp.115k - Rp.230k), prenatal & postnatal massages (Rp.100k each) and massages for infant /child (Rp.50k). 
The best thing about their service - they're available 24-7 in the comfort of your home. Even 7-11s in Malaysia don't open 24-7! 

Mobile Spa, Tel: 021-32768794, 021-94756891, 081-8695486
JR Studio, Tel: 021-26353378, 08-5692165213
Note: JR Studio also offers hair treatments (Rp.50k -Rp.75k), rebonding (Rp. 175k - Rp.250k) and colouring (Rp.200k) at your home. Cool, huh?

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