Monday, April 26, 2010

Good for baby, bad for the mommy

What are the top 5 most irritating problems of pregnancy?

No.5: Leaking colostrum ===> It's suppose to be good but considering they leak every time I lean against something, I'm starting to feel annoyed.

No.4: Heavy tummy bulge ===> I'm losing my balance! And not to mention those killer backaches due to the bulge.

No.3: Look fat & ugly in maternity clothes ===> I've invested in a pair of maternity jeans, pedal pushers & capri pants, some lovely blouses, modern maternity dresses from Zara & Gap but none of them makes me look slimmer!

No.2: Very swollen legs due to water retention ===> Both my feet are so swollen that I can't fit into any shoes. Swollen calves & ankles make walking seem like mission impossible.

No.1: Severe morning sickness ===> Try puking every time you eat or drink for almost 10 weeks continuously. Absolutely not pretty!

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