Saturday, November 27, 2010

Are you (really) happy?

Anyone who thinks you're unhappy with life, write down your name on a piece of paper. Next, throw it into a large common bowl and then, pick a new piece of paper from the same bowl. Whichever paper you picked, you'll be living the life of that person's name written on that piece of paper, forever. See, the rationale behind this is, if your life really sucks, any one person's life in that bowl would be better than yours. Therefore, you have nothing to lose by 'picking' a new life.

Someone once asked me that and it lingers on in my mind.

Would you do it?

Friday, November 26, 2010

No room for carelessness when you're a mother

Ever since the birth of Meagan, I've been halving the time taken to do everything. I'll have my meal in 2 minutes, 5 minutes to complete my shower and to wash the feeding bottles in less than a minute. I have to rush everything because baby will cry if she doesn't see me next to her when she wakes up. After putting her to bed last night, I quietly walked out of the room to do my things. Little did I know she woke up but didn't cry out for me. I guess she started to roll herself and I, being a careless mother, did not put any pillows around her as a protective measure. And so, she fell off the bed. I got a shock of my life when I found her flat on the floor, crying. I know I'm not supposed to put her to sleep on a bed with no protective railing but she loves the soft mattress compared to her hard latex mattress in her crib. Lucky she's alright but I couldn't get the fact that I'm such a careless mother.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Dear Hubby and me are currently in Hong Kong for a mini vacation. To go on a crazy shopping spree and to catch up on my beauty sleep are two things I needed most ever since the birth of Meagan five months ago. Besides, today's our wedding anniversary and dinner at Victoria Peak sounds nice to me.

Can you sense the big grin on my face yet?

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tit for tat

Dear Hubby came home one night and asked, "Can you name me any of your guy friends who has never cheat or lie to their wives or girlfriends?" I paused and started to think hard. Honestly, I can't think of any!

If you happened to marry a husband who's a businessman, CEO or of the similar job category that need lots of entertaining clients (or perhaps be entertained), then he can't run away from butterflies. And no, I'm not talking about insects here. Butterflies means the girls in KTV who has a mamasan just like the one you see in Hong Kong movies. They sit next to the customers (sometimes they do more than that if they tip them well), chat, drink and play games with them. I have to admit, my husband is one of them.

If you have to ask, that's not cheating to me but more of trust issue. Imagine one business partner say this to you, "Our company is very pleased doing business with you. We would like you to have this Birkin, complimentary from us." Do you say, "No, thank you." or more likely to say, "Thank you very much! It's a pleasure doing business with you too." and walk away with a new Birkin in hand?

See, it's the same with guys. It's not Birkin they get but butterflies. It's all paid for by one party under company expense for the other party to enjoy. But how sure are we that they didn't do anything funny with the butterflies? We don't. It's based on trust. And let's face the fact, butterflies are more common than Birkin.

Like how Dear Hubby always say, "All men cheat to some extent. The difference is one tells his wife and the other decided to keep it a secret. Therefore, on contrary to traditional marriage beliefs and to guard our vulnerable feelings, we, women should never trust our husbands completely, no?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Me, an emo biatch?

After browsing through some of my previous posts, I was like, "Hey... I sounded like an emo bitch!". But seriously, I was only emo when it comes to certain people (yes, certain bimbo to be exact). And why? No, it's not because she's an ex. And definitely not because I'm afraid of losing Dear Hubby to her. I'm 28, she's approaching 40! Do you think Dear Hubby has hots for a big and fat airhead? *roll eyes* Okay, okay, I'm being super mean here. The point is, it was due to one single incident (read this) and the bitterness started growing bigger and bigger from there.  

In addition, she insisted that she wasn't wrong when Dear Hubby asked her to apologise to me. A simple apology would have cooled my anger. To make things worse, she told Dear Hubby to warn me not to meddle into exes affairs and not to snoot into his emails. Now, now... Dear Hubby's email is always open at home. Plus, he doesn't give damn whether I read it because he has nothing to hide. Thus, who is she to ask my husband to act in such way?

End of rant.