Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Me, an emo biatch?

After browsing through some of my previous posts, I was like, "Hey... I sounded like an emo bitch!". But seriously, I was only emo when it comes to certain people (yes, certain bimbo to be exact). And why? No, it's not because she's an ex. And definitely not because I'm afraid of losing Dear Hubby to her. I'm 28, she's approaching 40! Do you think Dear Hubby has hots for a big and fat airhead? *roll eyes* Okay, okay, I'm being super mean here. The point is, it was due to one single incident (read this) and the bitterness started growing bigger and bigger from there.  

In addition, she insisted that she wasn't wrong when Dear Hubby asked her to apologise to me. A simple apology would have cooled my anger. To make things worse, she told Dear Hubby to warn me not to meddle into exes affairs and not to snoot into his emails. Now, now... Dear Hubby's email is always open at home. Plus, he doesn't give damn whether I read it because he has nothing to hide. Thus, who is she to ask my husband to act in such way?

End of rant.


  1. Plus! The Hub is yours and you have rights to do whatever you want with him.

  2. OoOooo... do whatever I want with him? Sounds kinky. LOL!

  3. LOLL!!! Uh oh... I sense a wild night tonight. Make sure the baby is sound asleep.