Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brands, labels... at nine?

Let's admit it. Who wants their kids to be brand conscious? Not, unless your kid has Beckham as his last name or your bank account is as fat as Donald Trump's. They might turn brand conscious when they reach the adolescent stage due to peer pressure and influences but definitely not at 9 years old.

We, as parents don't mind splurging thousands of dollars for our children but do we tell them, "Sweetie, this OshKosh cost $50 a piece. It's a good brand." or do we tell them, "Honey, mommy's buying you this because it's comfortable and you need one of this."?

You bet I'm writing this post because of my stepdaughter and you're right. Not too long ago, she said these to me.

Incident #1

She: I wear slippers only from Havaianas. Everyone in my family wears Havaianas.
*staring hard at my slippers*
What brand are yours?

Me: Erm, Dupe.

She: Huh? What brand is that? My mommy said Havaianas are the best.


Incident #2

After a swim at the country club one evening, I went to the shower room with her.

She: *Taking out her toiletries bag full of Redken shampoo and hair treatment spray*
Oops, I forgot my conditioner. Do you have yours?

Me: Yeah.
*Handing her my Loreal conditioner*

She: *Flipped it to the back and starts reading the description stated*
I guess this is okay for my hair. It contains pearl powder. And my mommy works for Loreal. She said Loreal is a good brand.


Incident #3

Then, recently just before I gave birth to baby, she saw the baby clothes Dear Hubby bought from Bandung. And this is what she said.

She: *Looking at the clothes label*
Baby Gap?!! Why must you buy Baby Gap? They're so expensive.

Me: Daddy bought them. Hey, aren't you wearing a Gap now?

She: Yeah. My grandma bought me.

Me: So why can't baby wear Gap when you're wearing one too?

She: Because it's expensive!


Don't you think a 9 year old kid is supposed to look at the designs, colours or perhaps patterns of an outfit rather than the brands? Where are those days when kids used to say, "Mommy, mommy, I want that pink Minnie Mouse blouse." rather than "Mommy, I want a top from Zara Kids."

So what's next? "Daddy, I want a 3-series on my 18th birthday."?

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