Friday, August 12, 2011

Home prenatal massage

If you're pregnant and having problems with body ache, water retention or stretch marks, here's an affordable yet effective solution... call for a home urut (massage).

I always thought urut is for postnatal but someone told me that prenatal massage also helps to eliminate unwanted water retention in a pregnant body. All you need to do to make it more effective is to buy a good massage oil which does the job. Since it's quite difficult to find home prenatal massage in Malaysia, here's my recommendation for those who are totally clueless. 

Personally, I'm using Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil. It helps in toning and stretch marks prevention. Clarins has 3 types of body treatment oil but I only tried 2 of them; the Tonic Body Treatment Oil (RM181) for prenatal and Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil for postnatal. The urut lady comes once a week and she charges RM75 for an hour of massage. Massage oil is included but I prefer to use my own. I've had 3 sessions with her and so far she's quite good. She also offers postnatal urut at RM100 per session (minimum 5 sessions) which includes urut, body herbal steam, hot stone and bengkung (tummy wrap).
Verdict: Good prenatal massage. I haven't tried her postnatal massage yet. 
For booking, call Madam Shirley (yes, she's chinese) at 012-350 0057 or 016-354 7897.

I also have another urut lady whom I use for postnatal massage previously but it's quite hard to secure appointments with her due to whatever reasons she has. She charges RM80 for prenatal massage (only for pregnancy 6th month onwards) and RM120 for postnatal massage (buy 6, free 1). There is no body herbal steam for postnatal treatment and she'll sell you the bengkung lilit (tummy wrapping cloth) at RM70 (FYI, you can get it much cheaper outside or online at RM30 - RM40). She uses ginger cream for the urut but she'll suggest for you to get the Clarins Anti-Eau Body Treatment Oil and Body Shaping Cream.
Verdict: Very good and effective postnatal massage but her schedules can be quite unpredictable. I bought 6 times of postnatal massage from her and supposed to get 1 free but she didn't turn up after that.
For booking, call Kak Siti at 019-330 9622.

Anyway, if you have the luxury to splurge like some real Datins (I've seen too many fake ones), go for Clarins Mothers-To-Be treatments.


  1. Hi
    I read your post and it contains very useful information. Thanks for this useful article

  2. HI,

    I'm actually finding a prenatal massage lady and came across your blog. Have u tried madam shirly? is she good?

    1. Yes, I've tried mdm shirley prenatal massage. And yes, she's good. I had severe water retention on my feet & she managed to relieve the aches.