Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The 100th post - still ranting and raving

Yay! This is my 100th post! 

Yeah, yeah... I know it's no big deal but the fact that I'm still writing (and complaining) means I managed to maintain my sanity up till today. 24th week into my second pregnancy, I keep telling myself it's going to be over soon. 

I know some lucky mothers have no icky pregnancy side effects throughout the 40 weeks but unfortunately I'm not one of them. I have super oily nose that you can fry a small egg with the amount of oil collected from it at the end of the day, the worst morning sickness you can imagine for 13 weeks (toilet bowls became my new BFF during that time), water retention swells up my feet and legs which make walking somewhat of a marathon, and I gain weight faster than a sumo wrestler. 

In addition to all the pregnancy misery, the complimentary makeover at Clarins gave me a huge, ugly, inflamed zit on my nose the next day. Besides hurting like a biatch, it added to the size of my cherry tomato nose due to the pregnancy hormones. Now I look like a clown who walks like a penguin with a pair of baby elephant feet.