Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Lion King, Marina Bay Sands Singapore

I was in Singapore over the weekend for Lion King. It was quite a good performance, and they even incorporated some local jokes into it. Tickets can be quite expensive but you can get 30% discounts if you own the Marina Bay Sands Premier Advantage card. Application is FOC and the card application booth is just one floor down from the theater level, in front of Guardian pharmacy if I'm not mistaken. Food is strictly prohibited in the theater but bottled H2O is allowed, which can be purchased at $3. Beer and wine is going for $10 - $12 each. They also sells snacks like popcorn, chocolates and chips. I can't wait for the next one, Wicked, which will be showing from 8th December onwards.

Besides the show, this trip was all about makan-makan before my delivery in November. Obviously I'm taking advantage of eating for two and worry about my pregnancy weight later, until after delivery. Hopefully my gyne doesn't drop her jaw again when I step onto the weighing scale tomorrow.

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