Tuesday, April 13, 2010

To buy or to rent?

It's true what people say; you can find almost anything in Jakarta. I just found out about a website that features rental of baby things in Jakarta. They have baby crib, playpens, strollers, car seats, etc. And the rental prices are quite reasonable, ranging from Rp100k to Rp150k per month (equivalent to RM35 to RM55).  Great for expats who are here on short term and those who doesn't want to spend bombs on baby products since babies grow up so fast. Besides renting, they also sell selected baby items but I'm not sure whether they're second hand or brand new. Those who are interested may take a look at their website: http://bambinopiccolo.multiply.com/

I need a baby crib but still contemplating of buying one since Dear Hubby isn't going to work in Jakarta for long. At first I thought of getting just the infant travel bed and stacking it on top of the bed. But once the baby is able to roll over or move around, I still need a baby crib for safety reason. So this whole rental idea might works out for me!

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