Monday, August 16, 2010

The sun, sea and me

Two more days and I'll be flying back to Jakarta. Meanwhile, I'm still enjoying my much needed mini vacation with Dear Hubby in Tioman island. Dear Hubby has gone for his diving early this morning, leaving me some time to blog about my trip so far.

After having a baby and sleepless nights for 2 months, a short getaway really does me good! Not having to breastfeed also means I can do whatever I want. Besides, what is a blue sky vacation without alcohol and occasional ciggies?

I did discovery scuba lesson (since Dear Hubby's really into scuba diving), and it was not that bad after all except that I'm still afraid of those fishes,regardless big or small and those weird, ugly looking sea creatures. Not to mention I swallowed tons of sea water during the process. Nonetheless, I don't mind going for another round of that. We'll be going for snorkeling when he returns from his diving trip later (yay!). For now, I'm going to check out the spa prices. Chao!

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