Monday, November 4, 2013

Safety & cleanliness: Singapore - 1, Malaysia - 0

Sometimes I just wished my home country is as safe as Singapore, where I can allow my kids to roam free without the fear of being kidnapped if I turn away for a few seconds. I remember some time ago in Malaysia, a toddler in a stroller was carried away by a kidnapper while the mother was in the midst of a purchase. The stroller was just next to her. Luckily, the attempted kidnap failed because the mother turned her head just in time and saw the man carrying her child. She screamed and the man dropped the child before fleeing. A police report was lodged but no arrest was made. Apparently, the cctv footage was too blur to identify the kidnapper.

In Malaysia, crimes are soaring high and the police can't do anything about it. I'm not saying Singapore is totally crime free but at least I have the assurance that the police forces here are much capable of doing their job. And criminals know that! It makes a huge difference in the (actual) crime rates between these 2 neighbouring countries.

Also, most of the time, I wished my home country is as clean as Singapore, in terms of physical cleanliness and corruption wise. Both are areas that only God knows when it will happen (or it might never at all by looking at the chronological list of events that are happening currently).

Whenever we are back in Malaysia, there are a list of no-nos. Walking out is a no-no (fear of snatch theft). Bringing the kids out to the park on a sunny day is a no-no (fear of pedophile). Driving out alone at night is also a no-no (fear of mat rempits). Others include shopping in a crowded mall (fear of kidnappers), taking a cab (fear of cab driver rapist), taking a train (fear of molester), and last but not least, using a free public toilet (it's so darn dirty, you rather hold it in till you're home!). Talking about public toilets, Jakarta has the best with first class service (the cleaner will sanitize toilet seats after every usage!).

Dear hubby was offered a citizenship in Singapore but he turned it down. Why? Simple. We still love to live in Malaysia regardless. We are, afterall, Malaysians. And... where else can we find good nasi lemak bungkus at a fraction of the price found in Singapore?

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