Monday, March 10, 2014

Stay at home mom should earn $115,000 p.a

Says who?

According to an article in Forbes 2011, SAHMs should charge $115,000 per annum for their 'work'. That's about $9,583 per month. In USD! I think that's more than our PM's pay la! But definitely less than our PM's wife's who is infamous for her diamonds and Birkins. Ok, let me add a few more 'S' to it. Birkinsssss.

"Do you plan to work?"
"Aren't you bored of staying home all day with your two kids?"
"You should be doing something. Something productive, like work. It's good to be financially independent as a woman."

Those are the top 3 questions/remarks that I have encountered numerous times as a SAHM. Key word: WORK. As in salaried work.

At first, it was ok. Now it is starting to irk me every time someone asked me such a question. Whether I have plans to go back to work, my answer is no, not a full time 9 to 5 office bounded job. Yes, it's good to be financially independent, I know. I wished to have some side income so that I can splurge a lil' on Bottega and Chanel. It is not that dear hubby doesn't buy me one, but because I know it's not easy to be a single-income family these days. Moreover, a Jumbo Chanel can't store my kiddos' clean diapers and water bottles (yup, tried that once). Back to using Longchamp. Lightweight, with huge storage space.

Whether I am feeling bored, yes, things can get pretty mundane. Being a SAHM means schedules and routines. I have to wake up before my kids are up. I adhere strictly to their sleeping hours so I don't have to deal with unnecessary meltdowns in public. It is stressful. It is boring. It is a routine duty. While working ladies in their pretty make ups, trendy dresses and designer handbags are sashaying down the streets to grab a cold beer with friends after office hours, I am in my shorts and baby tee with my hair tied up in a messy bun cooking up a nutritious meal for my family. 

And people say I should work. Hello dear, I am working. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no annual leave, emergency leave, and medical leave. I am paid in the form of allowances, which are supposed to be used for the family groceries, kiddos milk powder and diapers. How 'interesting'. But the best perk is derived from my kids' laughter. It just melts away all things bad.

Here's an eye opener on what a SAHM actually does at home. And the one article that I really felt being understood was the one written by a husband (a real gem!).

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