Monday, April 21, 2014

Escape Hunt Bangkok: Guidelines for the Murder Mystery

If you prefer to play the Murder Mystery by your own, do not continue reading these guidelines. Here goes.....
  1. Look under the furniture. Don't leave anything unturned.
  2. Nothing is on the ceiling. Don't bother looking for clues in places which are unreachable.
  3. The belt is for wrapping around something to show the codes. That something is made out of cardboard.
  4. There are 4 pieces of domino blocks to be found in the first 2 rooms. It gives the clue to one of the books.
  5. One of the book's page contains important information. Look through that page properly for subsequent clue.
  6. There are 3 rooms in this game before you find all clues.
  7. The 2 telephones holds vital clues. One of the clues is in the phone.
  8. The small torchlight is essential. Find the batteries!
  9. Some clues appear in the dark. Use the torch on the wall.
  10. There are many codes to be found. The codes are to open the numbered padlocks.
  11. The murderer will be found in the last room.
  12. Know your world map well. It's the key to open the brief case that contain the key to your freedom.
All the best, players!

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