Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7 days of Bali

Somewhere this time of the month last year, Dear Hubby and I was in Padang Bai and Kuta. He attended a palm oil conference and me, tagged along to enjoy the all paid for hotel by the company. I still remembered that I was vomiting away in the chartered van that took us from Padang Bai to Kuta town in Bali. Well, the whole vacation turned out alright although I was experiencing severe morning sickness at that time.

Yesterday, we flew in from Jakarta, this time along with baby. And since there's a public holiday that falls on the 7th, we will be extending our stay till 7th for his dive trips. He need to get in touch with the nemos at least once a year.

Did I hear a yay? No, I'm not excited. A 7 days of stay does need some serious packing when I have a baby with me. To begin with, I do not even like Bali. I prefer Phuket. What's the difference, you asked? Perhaps it's the people, or maybe I simply just don't like Bali. I don't know. But one thing for sure, Dear Hubby is working hard to change that perception of mine. Anyway, he'll be speaking at the conference, attending endless cocktail parties and dinners. I will be roaming the island with baby strapped on to my front like a lil' baby kangaroo and be seen with my new postpartum body clad in a bikini, holding an overly excited screaming baby in the pool. Still a yay?


  1. I know it sucks with a baby and the boat load of stuff but I would still trade to be in your shoe anytime because I love Bali... and that's just me ;)

    Oh and how is that possible you look so good post-pregnancy??? I can't even flaunt my pre-pregnancy body LOL

  2. Yeah, everyone seems to love Bali except me! And I'm actually flaunting my stretch marks and saggy bobbies... but I don't care. I'm not going into the pool fully clad! lol.