Thursday, July 21, 2011

I am back!

I can't believe my last blog was more than 3 months ago. I stopped twitting, facebooking and blogging. Basically I was (almost) disconnected from the cyber world, occasionally using only my blackberry to go online. During the so called blackout period of 3 months, I was mostly hibernating and praying hard that my severe morning sickness would miraculously go away. But no, it didn't happen till I hit the 18th week of my pregnancy. 

Finally, on the 18th week of my pregnancy, when the food started to smell better, my blood test result shows my unborn baby is at high risk of down syndrome. After consulting 3 gynaes, I agreed to go for amniocentesis where a long needle is poke through my abdomen, right into the womb to withdraw some amniotic fluid for testing. Sounds scary? It is! And not to mention it cost RM2k for a half an hour procedure without any anesthetic. Anyway, thank God my test result came out normal.

After the unpleasant experience of having to do an amnio, came another problem; maid's work visa application. Since Dear Hubby and I decided not to use maids agency to do the paperwork (save us RM5.8k), I have to run numerous trips to immigration department, bank, Fomema and clinics to get my maid's work visa approved. To add on to that, unclear guidelines and tedious paperwork required by our government are hell of a nightmare.You bet my next blog is going to be 'How to apply for maid's JP visa yourself while maintaining your sanity'.

By the way, I've moved back to Malaysia while Dear Hubby is working in Singapore. Time to change my profile, blog's header and perhaps the design, eh?


  1. tales from KL then?

    welcome back and glad things are well :D

  2. haha welcome back to the swing of things. i like your new banner makeover :)