Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Babies day out with the best daddy (and man) on earth

You know how two new mothers meet each other and once they start talking, the whole conversation will solely be on their babies? Then they'll decide to bring both their babies out for a stroll in the park or the mall on their next meeting. Better still if both their babies are of the same age group. They can even share diapers and the same baby bag so one of them doesn't have to tote around the huge, bulky baby bag.

If you ask me, I'm not one of those mothers who love to bring along my baby when I'm out. Some of you might call me selfish or self-centered or whatever. I call it the two Ps; Preference for Peace. Here's the story.

Couple of weekends ago, one of my guy friends who has a baby boy almost the same age as Meagan, invited me out for lunch. He told me that he'll be babysitting his boy for the day and I thought it was a good idea to bring along both our babies to the lunch. So, he came to pick us up that afternoon. During the whole lunch, his boy couldn't sit still and my girl was screaming away. Honestly, I don't remember how good the tim sum was because all I was concentrating on was my baby girl's screaming. After that we had to search for a baby room in the mall because Meagan pooed (and I didn't bring along a single diaper for her because I didn't think she'll pick that particular noon to poo instead of all the time she has in a day) and it was also Ryan's feeding time.

Lucky me (and Meagan), Ryan is using the same size diaper as Meagan so my friend gave us one. After the changing and feeding, we went to Starbucks for a drink. The best part was both of us are smokers. We took turn to babysit our babies while one of us went out for puff. It was not an easy task ... to babysit two active babies who can't sit still for a second! By the time I got home, I was totally exhausted.

And of course, I give my best salute to that guy friend of mine who took leave off work (not once but more than once) to babysit his baby boy alone (please note the word 'alone'). I have done that before and I know it's freaking hard! You're officially the best daddy (and man) on earth!

Another babies day out if you ask? One is enough for me. I still prefer the two Ps for now.

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