Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jusco J Card members' day sale 28.09.11

The Jusco J Card members' day sale is TODAY! I just got back from the Jusco Sunway Pyramid and if you want to know, it's crazy in there. P3 carpark was full even before 10 a.m. I was there at 10.09 a.m and I thought I was early. Discounts are between 20% to 70%.

Items that are really cheap:

Milo 3-in-1, usual price $14.90 (Now $10.99)
Glo dishwasher jumbo size, usual price $6.90 (Now $3.99)
Detergents i.e. Tops powder ($9.90), Breeze liquid jumbo size ($23.99), Nappikleen ($16.90)
Softlan jumbo size, usual price $10.50 (Now $6.99)
Darlie toothpaste twin-pack, usual price $17.80 (Now $8.99)
Cutie Soft toilet rolls 3x10 rolls, usual price $19.49 (Now $16.90)
Mamypoko diapers jumbo pack (Now $46.90)

Savings on each item is between $3 to $5.
Other items such as bedding, pillows, towels and clothes are also going for 50% to 70% off.


  1. if you told me 10, or was it 13 years ago that one day you'd be talking about sales of milo and toilet roles, i'd have laughed my ass off at the obvious joke.

    13 years is a long time i guess.

  2. it was 13 years ago. hello... people change. you will be talking like me too once u start a family. haha.

  3. well I now cook almost daily, so yah, there's a bit of change. :P