Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weight, I hate you

Belly Art photos by Mark Jordan

It has been 29 weeks (or slightly less than that) since I had a puff of fine tobacco leaves with a bottle of icy cold Hoegaarden while enjoying a good game of pool. It has been more than half a year since I hit the beach or pool with a pair of bikini, showing off my postpartum body that screams, 'I am a proud mother'. 

I have 9 more weeks to go before my scheduled cesarean. And my weight is off the scale again. It took me 4 months to shed all my unwanted pregnancy pounds previously and I'm gaining it back again with absolutely zero effort. During my last check up, record shows I gained 8 kilos in 5 weeks. Yes, it's not a typo. I meant kilograms. Up till last week, I've put on 22 kilos in total and I'm not even full term yet. That's obviously way too much compared to the recommended weight of 15 to 17 kilos for the entire pregnancy.

Deprivation of my wants, crazy weight gains that makes me look like Shrek and a tummy so huge that makes a good night sleep impossible... all these are turning me into a whining biatch again.

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