Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just another story of the same bimbo

I realised I haven't been bitching about DH's ex-wife for quite some time now. Not that I develop a sudden sense of liking for her, but maybe I don't feel that bitter anymore with the past incidents. Or perhaps I'm all immune to her nonsense.

However, I still find it tempting to blog (or should I say bitch - as how Jen would put it) about her once in a while on her bimbo-ness. After our previous maid left for good, we decided to take over her maid who has been working with her for 10 years. Reason being she's still using DH's name for the maid's visa although she remarried 3 years ago. Not a good move to use her maid when I rather not have anything to do with her or her maid, but we are doing the maid a favor since she asked us to let her work for couple of years more to pay off her loans in Indonesia.

Now, the latest story is on how she owes her maid's salary. To cut the story short (and begin with the bitching part), the maid told me that her ma'am still owes her August's salary. And we're now in the month of October, aren't we? She tried asking for her pay but was offered partial payment first. So in the end, DH and I decided to loan the salary to the maid first so she can send it back to Indonesia for her children's living expenses. 

Sometimes I just find it rather "amusing" on how she manages her finances (not that it's my concern but if my maid is complaining to me everyday about her August's salary, then it does agitate me quite a bit). She can afford Crocs, bottles of expensive perfumes, hundreds of pairs of shoes, mountains of clothes (all told to me by her maid who works for her for 10 freaking years!) and yet she couldn't afford to pay her maid's salary? I say it's darn ironic. Oh... by the way, did I mention that her new maid quits on her after 5 days of work?

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