Monday, October 31, 2011

The (real) luxury of being a stay at home mom

Stay at home mom (
Definition: A mother that stays at her home during the day. Unemployed, usually with the husband supporting the family.

How many days of annual leave do you have? 14 days? 21 days? 25 maybe? 
A stay home mom doesn't have any. She also doesn't have a so-called time off. She's a full time mother 24-7, 365 days with NO annual leave, emergency leave or even medical leave. No public holidays and replacement leave too.

You earn a decent pay every month and love the freedom of using it at your own will.
A stay home mom depends on the husband for allowance. Unless you have other sources of passive income, or a husband as generous as Dear Hubby, please do not quit your job!  

If I'm a stay home mom, I can wake up at a later time.
WRONG! Babies are usually early birds. Mine wakes up without fail at 6am for milk and then 7.30am for breakfast. Sometimes they have nightmares and are awake at wee hours, refusing to sleep for hours.

A stay home mom has all the time in the world. Lucky her, all she does is sit at home while looking after a baby.
Really? All the time in the world? From my experience of being a stay home mom, the only time I get is when my baby is sound asleep. And that too depends on how fast you wash the dishes, milk bottles, etc, clean the spills on the floor from breakfast / lunch / dinner, pick up toys, do the laundry and ironing, prepare meals for both you and baby. After all the chores are done, and your baby is still sleeping, then maybe you'll have 'all the time in the world' before your baby wakes up.

You hate the traffic so much, you rather be a stay home mom so you can drive to anywhere you want at your own time and leisure?
Well again, you forgot about the baby's schedule. 

Baby's schedule
Definition: A fixed schedule your baby set for you in addition to the no leave policy. It is strongly advisable to adhere to the schedule as closely as possible to avoid major meltdown, tantrums, and crankiness.) 

Moreover, if your baby happens to fall into the category of car seat haters, be prepared for a screaming and crying baby all the way to your destination.

You would like to be a stay home mom who is seen happily doing her shopping while pushing a stroller with a smiling baby on board?
That's the ideal. Here's the actual scenario.
You saw a 50% sale sign board. You manoeuvre the stroller past the narrow aisle. You stop the stroller to look at some clothes. Barely 5 minutes, baby starts to scream. You put down the clothes and start pushing the stroller again. You saw a blouse that has your size and it's 50% off! You decided to try on. Damn, where do I put my baby?

How about groceries shopping? Sure, if your baby is old enough to be able to sit upright without help on the cart seat. Proceed to fold the stroller and place it in the shopping cart too. Also, please have two very strong arms to carry your baby and loading / unloading of the groceries.

How you wish that you're a stay home mom so you don't have laptop or heavy files to carry along every time you leave for work?
Try packing a baby bag. Diapers, changing mat, extra set of clothing, hanky, small piece of towel, water bottle, milk bottle, milk powder, Thermos flask with hot water, some snacks, wet wipes, pacifier (if your baby is dependent on it). Not to mention you'll have to bring along the stroller and your baby, of course. And don't forget your handbag / purse with driving license, I.D card and money! 

Still fancy to be a stay home mom?

p/s: If you do, can you please email me your company and position so I can apply for it once you quit your job? Thanks.

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