Monday, May 27, 2013

Hi, I am Ms. Daphne from Singapore

Cab driver: Miss, you called for taxi?
Me: Yes.
Cab driver: Can I confirm your name? *his hand shielding the small screen next to him*
Me: Christine.
Cab driver: But it says a different name on my screen.
Me: Oh, Daphne issit? Yeah, that's me too.
Cab driver: You got 2 names ar? Sui! I feel Christine sounds nicer.
Me: I think so too.


DH registered a new postpaid Singtel line for my usage while I am in Singapore but my new line is registered under the name, Daphne. I have received several smses by unknown people addressing me as Daphne too. Looks like this Daphne is working in some hospital as a sms to her once said "Daph, your shift starts 8pm. Ward no.109. I'm going home sharp. Thanks for covering me."

I didn't bother to call up Singtel about it. Perhaps it's a recycled number although DH insisted that it is not. Or maybe DH tersilap register my name... although I don't think Daphne and Christine sound anything alike. Or probably it belongs to one of DH's sexy nurses gfs and he conveniently passed it to me, forgetting that it will show up on the cab's screen when I call for cab services?

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