Monday, July 8, 2013

Look who's in town!

While on our way for lunch, I made a statement to my friend (whom I haven't met since 1997 - or is it 1998?) after seeing a big crowd outside Adidas. I said "What's happening? Maybe some superstar is inside the shop?" And I jokingly added, "If it's David Beckham, you'll be seeing me pushing through the crowd, screaming away!"

And taa-daaa! There he is! David Beckham, surrounded by bodyguards, both inside and outside the shop (to prevent people like me from hugging him out of over excitement!).

I have been a huge fan of the Beckhams since young. It all started with the famous British pop group, the Spice Girls. I absolutely adored Posh Spice. Then she started dating David Beckham and they had their first son, got married and had their second son... third son... and just 2 years ago, a daughter.

I adore the Beckhams for 1 reason; they have been married for 13 years (and that's a big deal for people in showbiz!) and despite their superstars status and some scandal cases of DB once in a while, they remain rock solid - as a married couple. Victoria, is the most level headed, capable lady and a superstar mom I've ever known. Plus, she's still sizzling HOT for a 39 year old mom of FOUR kids!

Yeah, so I'm a bigger fan of Victoria than David. Nevertheless, it still excites me when I caught a glimpse of David Beckham in MBS earlier this afternoon! It was such a pity my 3 year old wasn't with me at that time. Otherwise I could have instructed her to sneak in and got her mommy an autograph! Muahaha!

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