Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last of Twenty Thirteen

Another year has passed. Well, almost. It seem like it was just yesterday I wrote down my new year's resolutions. Last year was the shitty-est year in my whole entire 30 years of life that I shall always remember. Sh*t happens but it happened to hit the fan back in 2012. I shuddered at every moment I think of it and I wonder how I managed to get through the aftermath. I lost 10 kilos post pregnancy in 2011 and another 27 kilos within 8 months in year 2012 alone due to stress. I was so skinny, a size 2 seem too loose on me. The first 6 months in 2013 was a major spring cleaning period. After that I did myself a favor by pursuing unspoken passions in the next 6 months.

5 things I learnt in 2013:
#5: Some things are better left unsaid. Sometimes honesty doesn't pay well.
#4: When you're in deep sh*t, the best course of action is to just ride the wave till you're safe on shore.
#3: It pays to act like a bimbo in circumstances you have no control in.
#2: Don't pass on any chances to be with loves ones. You'll never know when they decide to leave you for good.
#1: Love those who deserve your time and eff those who don't.

Hence, no new year's resolution for next year since I decided to just live life as it is.

Here's a toast to a happy twenty fourteen.

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