Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Let's get the New Year started!

I started off my new year with sore throat and a red nose. Besides the fact that I was down with cold and cough on new year's eve, I had much fun at a friend's house party. It wasn't just any party, but it was 'the party' of the year. Thinly sliced fresh salmon sashimi, deliciously baked chilled lobsters, juicy roast pork with the right amount of crisp on its golden skin, lightly sauteed cod fish drizzled with fragrant soy sauce, heavenly roast lamb and all types of boozes from Macallan 25 years to endless flow of Moet & Chandon and beers. I was feeling slightly feverish but I remembered my science teacher in school used to tell us that alcohol kills germs so Moet should work well on flu bugs. And I swear, the fever did went away after the second glass of Moet. Ah ha... Education didn't go down the drain afterall.

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