Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hired help nightmare

She has her eyes shut while feeding the baby and opens her eyes only when the baby chokes on milk, dozed off when she's supposed to keep an eye on the lil' one, talks non-stop even in the middle of the night while baby's just sleeping next to us, keeps insisting to bottle feed the baby because she believes breastfeeding is too troublesome for the mother, suggests buying another dozen of nappies because she's too lazy to wash them every day, cleanse the baby's bottom the wrong way which could cause urinary track infection and lastly, she burps and farts out loud.

There's only a single good about her service: The yummy confinement dishes that she cooks and her special longan red dates with ginger drink. 

That's our confinement lady who's supposed to be so good that we have to book her service 5 months ahead before baby's born with a pay that's two times higher than a bachelor degree graduate's in Malaysia.

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