Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I've been busy


At long last, a clear mind and some time to blog about things before the baby wakes up for the next feeding. It has been a week postpartum and Dear Hubby has gone back to Jakarta on Sunday night.

Ever since the birth of baby Meagan (yes, that's what we decided to name her finally!), I've been busy coping up with motherhood, something that's not taught in life until along comes a baby. She has kept me busy with her frequent need for milk every 2 to 3 hours, to be accompanied by screaming and crying that's loud enough to wake up the whole neighbourhood if she doesn't get one on time. A small body with a strong lung for sure.

After nights of being deprived of my beauty sleep and sometimes having to hold the baby in one arm while playing Cafe World on FB, it finally dawned on me that having a baby is a life changing experience, something which I can never turn back and say, "Hey, I'll have a baby today and maybe not tomorrow."

But do I regret it? Well, the answer is no.

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