Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's June already

The weather in KL is crazy. Hot and sunny in the morning, thunderstorm in the evening. But I love it! I love waking up to the sound of chirping birds and beautiful sunny morning. When the weather is getting warmer towards the afternoon, dark clouds would appear followed by heavy rain to bring down the temperature. If I'm working, I'll be cursing such weather like mad for sure but I'm not, and therefore any horrible after-work traffic doesn't affect me.

It's the month of June - an expensive month for us. Besides an estimated amount of $7,000 for hospital bill, we have to pay $3,500 for the confinement lady, $5,000 for the daughter's school fee and miscellaneous exam fees and couple of hundreds every month for her ballet lesson, piano lesson and contemporary dance class. In addition, there're monthly loans, credit cards bills and insurance premiums to be paid. The truth is, I am overwhelmed by pities every time I look at Dear Hubby when he's home from work. I can't help feeling sorry for him, having to work so hard year after year just to support soaring bills for a daughter who doesn't realise she's being given the best compared to many kids out there and an ignorant ex-wife who agrees to everything as long as daddy's paying the bill.

Private school since the tender age of 7 and all those extra classes which don't come cheap? There's only one thing for sure - I do not want Dear Hubby to go through the same for my own daughter in future if I think it's going to be a struggle.

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