Monday, May 31, 2010

I hear you, I hear you not

The top 3 questions we never fail to receive from parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances and basically, everyone right after the bulge on my tummy is visible enough to the world.

No. 3
People: When are you due?
Me: EDD is 23rd June but I'm opting for scheduled cesarean so it's brought forward to 14th.
(everyone with the curious look on their face)
People: "But why c-sec?"
Me: "Because..... (giving my reasons)"
People: "But c-sec is.... (trying to give me their 2 cents on why c-sec is bad)"

No. 2
People: Is it a boy or a girl?
Me: It's a girl.
People: "Oh, a girl is always better than a boy. A girl is more obedient and .....etc (giving me a 30 minutes long explanation on all the benefits for having a daughter).

No. 1
People: Have you chosen the name yet?
Me: Oh, I leave it to my husband.
(heads turned and everyone's eyes on Dear Hubby, eagerly waiting for an answer)
Hubby: "Not yet."
People: "Huh?" (with a 'you-must-be-kidding-me' look on their face, they proceed to ask...)
"You don't have a name yet? Why?"

These are the standard questions you'll get when you're pregnant. Sometimes I feel like sticking the answers on my forehead so that I don't have to answer them over and over again. Trust me, it can get pretty frustrating after months of answering those questions, especially when you don't have an answer and people immediately gives you that how-can-you-not-know look or worse still, an unsupportive response like "Why do you opt for c-sec? Don't you think going natural is better? You know, I have a friend who went for c-sec and she can still feel the pain after 2 years, blah3x.... I think you should try natural birth."

Yes, thank you. Thank you for your concern and also thank you for growing the fear in me even more. By the way, did I mention that I'm a trypanophobic?

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