Saturday, May 22, 2010

Motherhood is the new MBA

An excerpt:
"The world needs capable women to run our companies and bolster our economy. The world needs talented women to raise our children and produce the next generation. After all, it is the next generation who will take care of the world when we are too tired to do it anymore. Right now, I am doing both. And if purple Play-Doh under my fingernails and the scent of baby puke on my blouse distracts you, well then, step away from the executive table. You aren't ready to play with the big girls."
".....but there are no other mothers at my level. There are some working fathers in the top ranks, but being a working dad isn't the same. (And anyone who thinks it is has never had a boob leak in the boardroom.)"

Let me tell you, this is one book every women should read. I got this at a small bookstore in Jakarta airport on my last trip back. The ideas presented are so practical whether you're with or without a child. Funny, witty and informative. I simply adore it!

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