Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ghost of the past

I walked down a street today. Not just any street but a street that held significant memories of the past.

It took me back to that year when I was barely 18. So many things had since changed. Majority of the shops were no longer there. As I walked down the corridor of shops, I remembered how I used to stop by at the bakery after class to buy some freshly baked buns before heading home. Then there was this small little cafe that served good English breakfast for $9.90. Towards the end of the block, there's a huge McDonald outlet which opens 24 hours a day. I used to lunch there every day for the sake of collecting the limited edition Sesame Street dollies which cost $3 each.

My rented room was merely down the other end of the block, in an old low rise apartment. It was small but cosy, just enough to fit in a single bed, a small desk and bookshelf and a portable wardrobe made out of steel and plastic, leaving the room barely any space for walking. I also remembered how hot and humid the weather was after class and there was no air-condition in my room and thus making revision after class quite impossible. My best companion at that time was a silver colour CD & cassette player with an eye catching blue display screen, which I bought for less than $400, repetitively playing hits by Mariah Carey and Suede.

Funny how memories like these are firmly etched in me, making it a ghost of my past. A ghost that'll forever hunt me every time I walked down that particular street, creating a wave of nostalgia..... although it's 10 years later.

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