Tuesday, May 18, 2010


9.35am - I woke up to an empty bed. Sent BB chat to Dear Hubby in Jakarta to ensure he doesn't forget to water my plant before he leaves for work.

10.00am - Nasi lemak for breakfast.

12.30pm - Lunch at Purple Cane restaurant. How does green tea steamed rice, stir-fry bitter gourd with salted egg & tea or almond beancurd in black tea sounds to you? Strictly for tea lovers only!

3.30pm - Window shopping. I love the feel of neighbourhood mall which is smaller and cosier.

4.00pm - Met up with Jennifer for drinks at Dome cafe. She lost 14kgs in 2 months post delivery. Now you know why she's my role model.

6.25pm - Ordered take-away at Kenny Roger Roasters for dinner.

8.30pm - BB chat with Dear Hubby while playing Restaurant City, Cafe World, Mall World and Mafia Wars. I've turned into a Facebook junkie since I joined tai-tai-dom.

9.25pm - Snack.

10.57pm - Snack.

12.20am - Snack. (Blame it on the baby)

1.11am - Blogging.

1.20am - Time to shut up and go to bed.

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