Monday, May 10, 2010

We like to move it, move it!

It's my last week in Jakarta and I'm clearing out the refrigerator and kitchen cabinets. There're so much food lying around, and either I've to use it up or throw it away by end of the week. We (or rather Dear Hubby) will be moving out of this condo by end of the month. He found a better (and bigger) place for us and our new baby when we come back in July. 

The new condo has 3 bedrooms + 4 bathrooms, all fully furnished and it comes with flatscreen HDTV in each and every room including a 46" in the living area. Best of all, they're equipped with 60 channels for me to glue my arse in front of it the whole day! And not to mention the whole condominium is fully air-conditioned. It also has a huge swimming pool, a church, day care centre, and two gyms, one is open to residents and another for paying members. There're shopping mall, restaurants and bars all located within walking distance. 

Our unit is located on 26th floor, high enough to avoid the sound of mosque prayers that are perform 5 times a day. I'm not against Muslims prayers or anything. In fact in Malaysia, there're also mosques that do prayers on loud speakers which can be heard all over the place. However, the difference is, the mosques in Malaysia is sparsely located. Whereas here, one can find at least 1 mosque within 1 to 2 km radius. My current condo has at least 5 to 6 mosques surrounding it. We're staying on the 2nd floor so can you imagine the noise when all loud speakers go off together at the same time during prayers? Moreover, one of the prayers is perform at 4 a.m daily. When looking for accomodation in Jakarta, this should be seriously taken into consideration.

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