Sunday, May 16, 2010

A beautiful Sunday but my rant mode is on

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon and Dear Hubby decided to have brunch at Tom, Dick & Harry's @ TTDI, while waiting for his daughter. It's a routine that Dear Hubby spend time with his daughter whenever we are back from Jakarta. We ordered the big breakfast set that comes with a glass of fruit juice and a mug of either coffee or tea. And as usual, Dear Hubby ordered a pint of cider beer.

After waiting for an hour or so, a Silver Proton Perdana stopped right in front of the place and out came the daughter to join us before the car drove off again in a speed of light. In less than 15 minutes into our 'get-together', (TAA-DAA!) the ex-wife, her husband and their barely 2 year-old son in the arms of the maid walked in... so casually as if they didn't see us. Seing this, of course we invited them to sit at an empty table, like 20cm right next to us. Due to the previous incident, I've to admit that I still harbour some ill feelings (okay, maybe a lot!) towards her but decided to be as cordial as possible for the sake of Dear Hubby. Otherwise I wouldn't even think twice of giving her a piece of my mind right in front of her husband.

*taking in a deep breath*

Anyway, she started off her conversation by giving her reason they decided to lunch here. Apparently her son cried and screamed non-stop, wanting to get down the car. Next, she was blabbering non-stop about getting a new laptop for work (asking us which is more suitable for presentations and storing tons of pictures besides being lightweight). Then the conversation topic continues into Dear Hubby's life in Jakarta and etc for more than an hour.

Finally, she has the guts to ask us whether it's possible for them to bunk-in at our condo if they happened to go over to Jakarta in future. I turned to her and said, "Sure..." with a smile. Unknowingly the unfinished sentence was, "... come on over. Then we can all watch It's Complicated together, ya?"
What an idiot.

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