Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wesak, Weekends & Etc

Oh weekends! I love weekends especially long weekends. Not that it makes any difference to me now that I'm not working but still, it's the feeling of being on weekends when everyone is not rushing to work and no school buses madness.

So, what are my plans this weekend?

Wesak Day's tomorrow. Although I'm a Buddhist, it's not a norm for me to go to temples on Wesak Day. Why? Because I believe praying is supposed to be a daily affair, not just on Wesak. I love peaceful and quiet temples where I pray for well being, not jam packed temples where I can't even stop worrying about people accidentally poking me with their lit joss sticks.

Wesak also means it's a holiday! Dear Hubby's coming back for the weekend. Time for some last minute baby stuffs shopping, setting up the baby's crib, gynae's check up, hospital pre-admission registration and dinner with parents-in-law who're back from Cambodia last week. No, they are not Cambodians. They're Malaysian Christians who're there for missionary works.

By the way, Dear Hubby has finally moved to the new condominium just now with the help of 3 other staffs. While blogging, I received his Blackberry chat message that says, "There're 61 tv channels and every rooms are able to access different channels at the same time. And there're 2 fridges!"

Happy Wesak Day to all Buddhists out there. Don't forget the donations to the poor and needy.

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