Thursday, May 6, 2010

ATTN: All Shopaholics & Credit Cards Addicts!

If there's one good reason (or excuse) for you to use credit cards, it should be the discounts that your plastics can get you. And I mean real mega discounts, i.e. 50% off; not some 10% discount offers like those you've seen in Malaysia.

Since Dear Hubby is out of town today, I thought of doing some grocery shopping to stock up food items for that 2 months I'm away and have an early dinner at my favourite Sushi Mori. I went in, took a seat & saw it: Kartu Bank Mega diskon 30%. Here I am, with Rp2 million in my handbag but no discount for me. The bill came up to almost Rp250k. I paid the bill with a heavy heart knowing that I could've gotten 30% off if I have Bank Mega's credit card. Then on the way home, I asked Pak Sopir (means chauffeur in Indonesian) to drop me off at Haagen Dazs.

Me: "Satu (one) pint strawberry & satu pint chocolate chips, please."

Sales person: "Maaf, ibu. Ada kartu Bank Mandiri?" (Excuse me, ma'am. Do you own any credit cards by Bank Mandiri?)

Me: "Enggak" (No, I don't)

Sales person: "Kalau ibu ada kartunya, bisa dapat satu pint gratis. Jadi ibu hanya perlu bayar untuk satu pint aja." (We have 'buy one, get one pint free' for Bank Mandiri credit card holders.)

Me: *speechless*

I ended up joining their membership which entitles me to a discount of 25% on the spot. Well, it's better than nothing, right?

Being cash-rich in Jakarta makes you cry because you know those people sitting next table is getting 50% off the bill and you're idiotically paying full price... for using cash! Time to get Dear Hubby to apply one (or maybe a few more with different banks). *GRIN*

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