Monday, September 20, 2010

Cheers to blithering idiots in my life

They say, "It isn't life if there's not a single worry or problem". The thing is... I have too many of them. One after the other, they're driving me nuts.

Are guys generally dummies when it comes to the understanding of c-o-m-m-i-t-m-e-n-t? Well, who doesn't like to be out partying and mingling with hot chicks or hunks? I DO! I miss my younger days when life was full of late nights parties without having to worry about anything else. Now my life is never without milk bottles and soiled diapers. It's perfectly okay to go out for some booze sometimes but knowing where to draw the line and respecting the hates of your other half are the crucial part in every marriages, no?

Are ex-es generally a pain in the ass for the guy's current? They have a daughter together. I understand that point perfectly. They want to talk for hours regarding their daughter? That's fine. She wants her daughter to be an all rounder by bombarding her free hours with tons of activities while he pays for it? That's okay too. But to ask whether he has the daughter's shampoo in our house??? Oh, I didn't know we're supposed to stock up Loreal kids in vanilla or Redken readily in our house just for a 9 year old! She really ought to shut up about spoiling the daughter and all.

Argh. A week of nonsense. I had enough, seriously.

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