Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wait, is that a mommy or a bimbo? Or both?

I just don't get how some people think. On one hand, she got so paranoid over the daughter's sex education, telling Dear Hubby how diligently she educates their child on that topic and how she doesn't trust her own sister with the daughter because she's a lesbian. On the other hand, she allows her 9 year old daughter to watch Glee where teen pregnancy, living with boyfriend before marriage and relationships between gays are shown. When asked why the mommy didn't stop her from watching such tv show, the daughter proudly answered, "My mommy watched it together with me!" *speechless*

Moreover, shouldn't she be more worried about her husband with the daughter than her lesbian sister? Duh! No one deserves an Oscar that says, 'Best Drama Queen / Bimbo Mama Year 2010' than her, seriously.

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