Thursday, September 30, 2010

I found my Bandung in Subang Jaya

While window shopping in Empire Mall today, I stumbled across a very good deal for babies and children clothes at the F.O.S outlet. Being a stingy yet brand conscious bitch, the labels of Baby Gap, Old Navy and Nike caught my eyes. It cost RM13 per piece or buy 2 at the price of RM21. That is dirt cheap for brands like those! Even a bodysuit from Pumpkin Patch cost RM43.

Wasting not a second more, I ransacked the whole pile of clothes looking for the right size and colour. I ended up buying 4 pieces... with the sales person giving me that sarcastic look that says, "Is that all? You sure looked like you're going to buy 40 pieces!" Lol. Sorry missy. My money, my say.

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