Thursday, January 20, 2011


My mom used to tell me, she played a cartoon on tape for me once and I told her that prince charming doesn't exist and fairytales are fake. Cartoons like Cinderella and Snow White are called fairytales because... well, they simply are fairytales. That's when I was six. After that, I never want to watch any 'happily ever after' movies anymore.

I have to admit, I'm a non-believer in fairytales and I'm a realist when it comes to love. I grew up hating big weddings. It's troublesome, expensive and not to mention the heavy wedding gowns and the heavy make-up, and some people take months or even years to plan for one. When my turn came, we had a simple one, as simple as both our parents allowed.

But today something changed me. The Twilight Saga. I was very much attracted by the love between Bella and Edward. Perhaps, a tiny part of fairytale is still alive in me? I wonder if there is any one guy who's like him exist in this world? Twilight after all ..... is a fairytale for adults.

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