Monday, January 31, 2011

You are (almost) like me when.....

  1. People tag you as party animal in facebook.
  2. You party hard when you're happy.
  3. You party harder when you're upset.
  4. You're an avid fan of Lady Gaga (She's so talented in music).
  5. You can relate to the Money Honey song.
  6. Your teenage life is written in Tik Tok by Kesha.
  7. You appreciate expensive fast cars.
  8. You don't slap a tub of expensive chemicals on your face everyday.
  9. You blog to maintain sanity.
  10. You love the smell of hot coffee on rainy days.
  11. You hate going to the malls on weekends.
  12. You term 'having a baby' as wonderful imprisonment.
  13. You hate weddings.
  14. You wish your middle name is Buffett and you last name is Trump.
  15. You have "Quit Dunhill Menthol Lights' on your New Year resolution list every year.
  16. You secretly wish Edward Cullen is not a fictional character.
  17. You have hots for Jacob Black's six pack.
  18. You don't (and never will) take nonsense lying down.
  19. You hate bimbo exes who simply don't understand the meaning of 'ex'.
  20. You don't do needless talk to those who don't deserve your precious time.
  21. You forgive but never forget.
  22. You read between the lines all the time.
  23. You loathe self proclaimed religious people who don't walk the talk.
  24. You strictly believe there's no free lunch in this world.
  25. You live by the rule, "Let God be above all, drink your wine and let the world be."


  1. I am number 11,21 and 22..hehehe..

  2. Nice! At least I know there is one person out there who hate the weekends mall traffic just like me. Hahahaa. Cheers.