Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love redefined

I love Brown Brother's Moscato.
I love my Gin with soda and a slice of lemon.
I love German beers.
I enjoy grapes with Brie.
I love colourful cupcakes.
I (still) love Dunhill Buttons.
I love Jay Chao's songs.
I love Mariah Carey, Madonna and Suede's music.
I love R&B remix.
I love to club.
I love to sexy dance.
I love to play pool.
I have hots for guys like Johnny Depp.
I love powerful women like Oprah Winfrey.
I love the life of Victoria Beckham.
I love Chanel Chance.
I love pinks.
I love to be size 8 (again).
I love Xixili.
I love nicely manicured nails.
I love to have perky breasts once again.
I love Fendi, Gucci and Tod's.
I love tulips.
I love Audi TT.
I love to shop alone.
I love computer games.
I love Sony Ericsson's mobile phones.
I love Dorothy Perkins.
I love Bangkok.
I love to watch cartoons.
I love to blog.
I love a cup of hot coffee on rainy days.
I love to unwind with a glass of Hoegaarden.
I love Dear Hubby's lame jokes.
I love hanging out with Dear Hubby at the place we first met.
I'm begining to love my new life.
..... .....
 .... ....
  ... ...
   .. ..
    . .
and the top love of my many loves.....

I love Dear Hubby and my baby.

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