Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The story of a peanut brain mother


1) Why would an ex-wife calls her ex-husband just to ask whether the pub's kitchen is still open? Isn't it easier to just ask straight to the point for his location?

2) Which mother (in her right mind) would send her daughter who is still clad in her sleeveless ballet outfit to a pub full of cigarrettes smokes and world cup fans screaming and shouting like mad people especially when she knows (or maybe she doesn't, given her peanut brain) that the daughter has the tendency of developing flu-like symptoms when she gets too cold in an air-conditioned area?

This time I am neither upset nor mad. I feel for the poor lil' girl who has that peanut brain bitch as a mother.


It was Saturday night. There were two important events that night: the daughter's ballet concert at 7.30 and a big match between Argentina and Germany at 10. We left right after the daughter's ballet performance to the local neighbourhood pub where Dear Hubby and I first met. The pub was so crowded.... full of fans of either Argentina or Germany. We wouldn't have a place to sit if it wasn't for one of Dear Hubby's friend who was there much earlier. Half an hour into the match, the daughter walked in, still clad in her ballet attire. Poor thing, she was sitting on the bar stool shivering away with a running nose while inhaling heavy second hand cigarrettes smoke for almost an hour. Besides not understanding the football game that was going on, she was asking the daddy to 'calm down' when Dear Hubby cheered for his favourite team Germany when they scored against Argentina.

So where was the mother of this poor lil' girl then?
She was with her husband and their son, nicely having supper at a nearby cafe.

Did she asks the daughter to have a bite before sending her over to the pub?

Did she thinks twice before she decided to send a child over to a smoke-filled pub or whether the child will be too cold in her ballet attire?

Does she has a peanut brain?

Did she acts like an insecure bitch who uses her daughter to both their benefits because she knows Dear Hubby would do anything for his little one?
All the time!

End of rant.

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