Friday, July 16, 2010

Slimming program, the urut lady vs. advance-looking machines

I signed up for a slimming program which cost me (or rather Dear Hubby since I'm going get him to reimburse me. hehe!) a bomb. They hooked me up to various advance-looking machines for 45 minutes, followed by steam bath, salt scrub and a warm blanket wrap. Was it really as effective as they claimed? Not really. I'm into the 5th session and sadly, there's not much reduction to be seen.

Then I hired an urut lady (a female masseur who provides postnatal massage services) who gives extremely painful massages that many have claimed to lose unwanted pounds as fast as after the first session itself. Does it work? Absolutely. I lost half a kg and my body curves are well defined after my first two-hour session with her. And it merely cost me RM120 (equivalent to about US$37) per session. She even has buy-6-free-1 ongoing promotion and I don't have to pay in advance but only after each session with her. Talking about getting my money worth.

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